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"Truly personalized skincare based on epigenetic skincare test and tokenized ecosystem."( EPIC )
Not OpenICO Street Rating: 4.3 / 5 Period: 19 March 2018 to 1 June 2018 Duration: 74 Days
Scientifically Grounded EpigenCare is connecting consumers with skincare companies through a direct-to-consumer epigenetic marker-based skincare test and web platform on the Ethereum network. Consumers will be able to receive actionable recommendations of optimized skincare products to use, as well as assess the progress of their skincare routines, based on their skin's epigenetic profiles. Truly Tokenized EcosystemAs epigenetics regulates gene function and dynamically changes based on environment stimuli such as skincare product ingredients, it is a perfect fit for a recurring, tokenized business model. EpigenCare's upcoming platform will be a structured ecosystem that allows skincare companies to target data segments with products that fulfill the recommendation engine's matching requirements. Consumers that fall within the segment are rewarded with tokens, which can be used to subsidize additional tests. Disrupting the Skincare IndustryOur structured ecosystem allows for true leveraging of blockchain technology. The recurring nature of epigenetics allows for a cyclical incentivization model through data tokenization. By associating a transaction hash ID with each purchased test and data segment, we will be able to transparently prove that a consumer's data is used only for their own benefit, thereby addressing the problem of perceived intrusiveness often associated with commercialized DNA-related testing.

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