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DataBroker DAO ICO list

DataBroker DAO

"Global market for local data"( DTX )
OpenICO Street Rating: 4.6 / 5 Period: 19 March 2018 to 26 May 2018 Duration: 68 DaysEnds in: 5 Days
DataBroker DAO unleashes the potential of currently inaccessible, low value data into the creation of new transversal Value Added Services. It prevents people with powerful ideas to rely on people with powerful operational resources, in a phased, pay-as-you-grow, MVP model. As with the financial markets, where the importance and value of company data have been apparent for decades, giving rise to Bloomberg Market Data, Thomson Reuters, FactSet and a lot of vendors, the same opportunity will emerge for IoT sensor data. Doing so with a distributed foundational layer for the buying and selling of IoT sensor data we expect that unimagined uses of the data will emerge to create incredible value adding services that enrich the quality of life in our cities and our societies as a whole. DataBroker DAO is the first marketplace for IoT Sensor data that will connect sensor owners with purchasers of the data directly, utilising existing infrastructure from telecommunication providers operating sensor connectivity networks based on GSM, LoRa, SigFox or via a proprietary gateway of the sensor owner. In a sense, the DataBroker DAO can be likened to a “secondary market” for IoT sensor data and has been referred to as an “eBay” or “Amazon” for IoT sensor data.

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