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Blockchain Hotels 24 ICO list

Blockchain Hotels 24

"We Are Building The First Chain Of Hotels Based On Blockchain"( HCI )
OpenICO Street Rating: 3.9 / 5 Period: 26 February 2018 to 30 June 2018 Duration: 124 DaysEnds in: 40 Days
The new Cryptocurrency Hotel Coin (“HCI”) will be used as an obligatory payment method for all Blockchain Hotels transactions within the hotels worldwide, and will give the additional benefits of “Prime membership” to early participants. Hotel Coin will be used for not only for service fees, but also for food purchases, scooter and jet-ski rentals, and all other transactions across the chain globally. There is a limited total amount of 350 million HCI coins, with a market cap of $27,720 million. They will be available until sold out during the ICO. Guests can use Ethereum, Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency to purchase HCI. If they choose to use a credit card or fiat currency, the Blockchain Hotels back-end system will automatically purchase HCI tokens from the open exchange where the prices will be set by the market. Blockchain hotels will give the community of blockchain enthusiasts and digital nomands a great place to stay and a chance to capitalize on the current opportunities in the hospitality market.The business model employed by Blockchain Hotels allows our investors and guests to benefit from real estate profit-sharing as well as from the token model that is tradable on exchanges. Our system is designed to deliver both short and long term gains.

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