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Dcentral Capital ICO list

Dcentral Capital

"ethical co-operative Venture Partnership growing emerging ideas through a global digital community"( JST1 )
OpenICO Street Rating: 3.4 / 5 Period: 16 April 2018 to 12 November 2018 Duration: 210 DaysEnds in: 175 Days
VisionCreate an ethical and inclusive co-operative Venture Partnership growing emerging ideas and technologies through a global digital community.Exec SummaryD-Central Capital operates a new and innovative approach to venture funding that puts the digital community at the heart of what it does. Our tokenized fund will decentralise and redistribute profits to smaller investors and those who have the skills and knowledge within the digital community.We call it VENTURE PARTNERING.Investment funds will be raised through the JST1 token sale and will then provide a return to our investors with unparalleled liquidity and timeframes:1. Dividends - Paid on a regular basis as profit is made from investments2. Fund Exit – Payments to investors from the sizable profits made on companies being sold or going public.3. Token Value – Tokens are tradable and will increase in value as the fund performs and pays out to its investors.4. Employment – Token holders can be used to provide contract resource and act as non-executives / advisors to companies.

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