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"MVL is an ecosystem that connects all services that touch your car to collect its lifetime data."( MVL )
Not OpenICO Street Rating: 3.5 / 5 Period: 26 April 2018 to 31 May 2018 Duration: 35 Days
MVL, pronounced as “em buh l,” stands for Mass Vehicle Ledger. It is an ecosystem that connects all services, like the car dealer shops, mechanic shops, car rental companies and more, that touch your car to collect its lifetime data.Anyone who contributes to data generation and have a positive impact on the car ecosystem will be rewarded. Private drivers can be awarded for safe driving, taxi drivers can be awarded for good service and mechanics can be awarded by registering their maintenance records on the blockchain. These rewards will be given in the form of MVP (em buh l points).Vehicle owners can also use the data recorded in the blockchain to make fair deals with used-car dealerships and earn revenue by selling vehicle data to vehicle companies, the government, researchers, insurance companies and more. Check out our white paper and one paper on our website for more news!* Homepage: https://mvlchain.io/* White Paper(EN): https://mvlchain.io/papers/mvl_white_paper_en.pdf* White Paper(JP): https://mvlchain.io/papers/mvl_white_paper_ja.pdf* White Paper(ZH_HANS): https://mvlchain.io/papers/mvl_white_paper_zh_hans.pdf* White Paper(ZH_HANT): https://mvlchain.io/papers/mvl_white_paper_zh_hant.pdf* One Paper(EN): https://mvlchain.io/papers/mvl_one_paper_en.pdf* One Paper(JP): https://mvlchain.io/papers/mvl_one_paper_ja.pdf* One Paper(ZH_HANS): https://mvlchain.io/papers/mvl_one_paper_zh_hans.pdf* One Paper(ZH_HANT): https://mvlchain.io/papers/mvl_one_paper_zh_hant.pdf

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