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Wixlar Coin ICO ICO list

Wixlar Coin ICO

"Wixlar Digital Currency offers 12 Services to the public and its own TV Broadcasting Channel 24/7"( Wixlar )
Not OpenICO Street Rating: 4.8 / 5 Period: 15 April 2018 to 30 June 2018 Duration: 76 Days
Wixlar is a Global Decentralized Digital Currency based on the BlockChain Technology which is instant, secure, private and with low fee transactions. With Wixlar coins, you can buy and sell products or services online and offline. Wixlar Group offers some of the latest advanced technological services through a Global Decentralized Network.Wixlar is the only Digital Currency offering 12 Services to the public and its own Wixlar TV Channel broadcasting live 24/7 with the latest news in business and technology. Streaming Live at https://wixlar.com/wixlartv1) Wixlar Wallets2) Wixlar MasterCard3) Global Exchanges: Wixlar Coins can be exchanged into $,€, £,¥4) Smart Contract5) Letter of Credit: Offering a secure balance for the buyers and the sellers6) Cloud Storage7) E-Shop8) Academy: Visit Wixlar Academy Today at www.WixlarGroup.com9) Rewards: Receive Wixlar Coins for Free at https://wixlar.com/rewards/10) Partners accepting Wixlar Coins as a payment method.11) Lottery: Get lottery tickets on your dream Car, Villa etc12) FreeLancing: Global online marketplace for freelancers offering services worldwideIf you watch our website https://wixlar.com and especially on the Videos Section https://wixlar.com/videos/ and the Academy Section https://wixlar.com/academy/ then you will realize that we have been actively sponsoring and participating in major global events since August 2017 as well as already existing physical office

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