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"Profede allows direct Business and Professional communication,without the need for intermediaries."( PATO )
Not OpenICO Street Rating: 4.6 / 5 Period: 1 June 2018 to 30 June 2018 Duration: 29 DaysStarts in: 11 Days
The Profede Professional Protocol allows direct Professional-to-Business and Professional-to-Professional interactions, without the need for intermediaries.Thanks to blockchain, we are creating a decentralized protocol that allows professionals to easily store and manage their profiles, which are accessible by third parties. Thanks to blockchain, professionals will be able to easily move their profiles and data through the networks partaking in this protocol, in a private and safe manner. At the same time, businesses and other professionals will have access to the profiles of the professionals, with a guarantee of their legitimacy and certification of their feedback rating, since all the content will be documented.Profede Professional Protocol will allow businesses to make appropriate payments for a professional's data regardless of the platform in which that person's information is located. Intermediaries are eliminated and interactions are facilitated by the network itself. Instead of paying any intermediaries, businesses automatically make customized offers directly to professionals based on their feedback rating and profiles through a decentralized application.The 12 million beBee users will be used as rocket fuel to drive widespread adoption of the protocol and make Profede a market kingmaker.

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