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"Bitfair, marketplace where cryptoinvestors can enter into an OTC trade via a Smart Option Contract. "( XBF )
Not OpenICO Street Rating: 3.2 / 5 Period: 9 July 2018 to 1 September 2018 Duration: 54 DaysStarts in: 15 Days
Bitfair aims to become a marketplace where crypto enthusiasts can directly enter into a Over-the-Counter trade via a Smart Option Contract (SOC). This flexibility creates additional trading positions, hedging and profit opportunities in altcoins that are not currently available.Each trade on Bitfair is OTC - peer-to-peer between two individuals – and Bitfair simply provides the marketplace and receives trade fees from each profitable trade executed. All trades are entered into a Smart Option Contract (SOC) for a pre-determined profit/loss during a set trading time contract.Overcoming the inherent flaws of traditional trading using the exchanges, traders trading through Bitfair are allowed to profit from their favorite cryptocurrency price movement, be it uptick or downtick. Bitfair provides the platform to open a short position for most cryptocurrency at an astonishing 1 000x leverage – 10 times higher than most leveraged exchanges - without requiring a centralised broker, and all the problems associated withmaking and simultaneously trading the market. Bitfair is a new and exciting platform for all serious crypto traders.

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