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"Connect small-to-mid size farmers with truckers directly to help them increase their profits."( EHH )
Not OpenICO Street Rating: 1.9 / 5 Period: 28 April 2018 to 23 May 2018 Duration: 25 Days
eHarvestHub decentralized Fresh Food Marketplace enables small farmers to sell directly to grocers from around the world. Creating efficiency by hiring truckers directly by the farmer or grocer. Farmers get paid higher prices, truckers make more money while transportation is less expensive and grocers can provide consumers with true food transparency.

Powered by Blockchain technology third parties are no longer needed to negotiate prices and agree on transportation. With our cryptocurrency, Farmers and truckers can be paid fasters. We are giving the control of our food supply chain back to the consumer. Through our platform consumers not only will they have full transparency of their food origin but will get to how much farmers and truckers get paid. Consumers will be able to invest in farmers anywhere in the world. Big Food Corporations will no longer control our food supply.

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