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"Creating an Economy for Inmates in the Prison System"( CLBK )
OpenICO Street Rating: 4 / 5 Period: 1 April 2018 to 10 June 2018 Duration: 70 DaysEnds in: 19 Days
CellBlocks is a digital solution to an outdated & sometimes corrupt monetary system within correctional institutions. Over 2 million inmates housed in this country's prisons make purchases with a financial system that has not always worked as designed. In 2014, ConCoin (acquired by CellBlocks in 2017) was developed as an effective alternative to a quickly failing financial network. State and federal inmates needed a payment system that was secure, fast, and efficient. With CellBlocks, inmates will be able to receive and spend money through virtual "wallets" in real time. Our payment system will take a slow, outdated, untrusted system and rehabilitate it into a real-time, digital, tamper-proof system.

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