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Carriage Coin ICO list

Carriage Coin

"iCarriage is a one stop shop app that allows you to buy many items through major online retailers. "( C$ )
Not OpenICO Street Rating: 2.6 / 5 Period: 1 February 2018 to 15 March 2018 Duration: 42 Days
. We have a bot that shops for you and compares prices across the retailers. CarriageCoin is a form of payment that gives you access to our app. An IoT food supply chain platform on a secured VPN blockchain infrastructure that allows consumers to not only conduct all of their grocery shopping online, but most importantly provides the solution to the global food waste epidemic. The food supply chain from the farmer to dinner table is grossly inefficient. By utilizing IoT sensors to optimize every phase of the supply chain, the global community would have access to affordable and healthy food without having to step foot in a grocery store; simultaneously drastically reducing the methane gasses created from spoiled food in landfills. The problem is not integrating the latest technology with the food supply chain, but protecting it from cyberattacks. We propose a solution to this security vulnerability by creating multi-layered Virtual Private Networks, and using Artificial Intelligence to manage the key creation and protecting the network using time series database. By using time series database, Artificial Intelligence would create a set of new keys for every triggered event to all nodes on the network, ensuring ultimate security. This design pattern not only can be utilized in the food supply chain, but in every home, office, and school around the world.

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